The Law Office of Rick Koenig in Sedalia MO Will Fight For Proper Workers’ Compensation In Your Case 


Workers Can Hire Top Legal Talent to Get Compensation Benefits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sedalia, MO – May 29, 2017 – Anyone who has been involved in a workers’ compensation case knows how complex they can be. Employers, state agencies and you are all involved Nobody seems to be willing to let you walk away with the money you need to take care of your family, pay bills and survive each day. Instead, management, administrators and bureaucrats can be determined to keep you broke. Now, things have gotten better for workers in need of compensation benefits.

Legal Help for Working People

The Law Office of Rick Koenig in Sedalia MO has taken a stand against those who hold power over hardworking people in need of their rightful benefits.

Workers who need their checks should contact this law firm for a free consultation. Koenig will analyze their situation and began planning a strategy to force the other side to settle. If need be, this experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Sedalia MO is ready to battle in administrative hearings and courtrooms. He does not stop fighting until there is no further recourse. This is the kind of tenacious legal representation the average worker needs on their side.

Rick Koenig wants anyone who has been denied a claim or needs to file for the first time to get in touch. Taking action fast is of the utmost importance. Quite often, the labor laws place time limits on claims.

About Rick Koenig

This attorney has over 30 years of practice. He knows the dangers people face trying to deal with a compensation claim alone. Any small mistake can result in a denial. Some workers spend years trying to get their cases heard. The better course of action is to call the Law Office of Rick Koenig at (660) 827- 3366.

Before retaining a workers’ compensation attorney in Sedalia MO, always remember that the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.

Contact Information:
Law Office Of Rick Koenig
600 South Ohio Street
Sedalia MO 65301
(660) 827-3366
(660) 826-4156

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