Navigating Your On The Job Accident with an Accident Attorney in Sedalia MO

The biggest mistake you can make in your workers compensation claim is to assume your employer is on your side. Instead, you have to do your own due diligence to increase the chances of successfully getting recompense. The failure to take care of yourself can result in a claim denial or delay. Any small mistake can mean having to start all over again.
It is not uncommon for injured workers to have to wait years to get the money they so badly need. Do not let this happen to you. Always consult with an accident attorney before starting the claim process.
The following are some important things you should know to better navigate the workplace accident process.
Collect Evidence
You are in the best position to document your injuries. Take photographs of yourself and the workplace. These images will help prove what happened to you.
Be especially sure to take photos of any missing warning or safety signs. By law, most workplaces have to hang safety warnings in conspicuous places. If your company failed to do so this fact can help support your claim.
Medical Reports
Always keep copies of your medical reports on hand. You never want to trust the company or their doctor for the safekeeping of this important evidence. In some cases, accident victims have been denied benefits or other financial awards because someone else misplaced required medical reports. Things suddenly go missing. Files can always get deleted or paperwork errantly thrown away.
Company Doctor and Your Doctor
Be sure to visit a physician as soon as possible. Never delay. If you take a long time to seek medical assistance, the authorities might believe something else, not the workplace accident, caused your injuries.
Unfortunately, the company physician may not have your best interest at heart. Go anyway. Then, consult with your accident attorney about whether you need to get a second opinion.
And last, the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.
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