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Understanding Employer Negligence with a Personal Injury Attorney in Sedalia MO

Understanding Employer Negligence
You may have heard that workers compensation is a no-fault system in your jurisdiction. If so, do not make the mistake of believing that employer negligence is a non-issue. Instead, you should always work with your personal injury attorney to establish the fault of those who have done you harm.
Even if you claim workers compensation, you may also be able to file a successful claim for pain and suffering and other damages to get your just recompense. Discuss all available avenues with your experienced personal injury attorney.
What is negligence under the law?
Legal negligence refers to a situation where one person or institution acts in manner that causes harm to another. This actor must first have a duty to protect the victim. Your employer has such a duty. For example, they have to place government health and safety ordinances in conspicuous places. If your employer failed to do so and you wind up getting hurt, they have been negligent.
Employers should also train workers to perform their jobs in a safe manner. An ongoing educational program is a good sign. Your workplace should make this training available on a regular basis. They should also update the course materials from time-to-time. If they do not have such a program or the materials are outdated, you could hold them responsible for any resulting accidents.
Your legal representative will be able to explain in detail the elements of negligence in your area. These elements must be present in any personal injury lawsuit involving workers and employers.
Get Legal Advice Today
You will need qualified legal representation to avoid making any mistakes in a workplace accident claim. You should check online for reviews and references for any personal injury attorney you may be considering.
However, before you decide on whom to retain, remember that the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.
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Law Office of Rick Koenig in Sedalia MO Is the Workers’ Compensation Attorney In Your Corner


Sedalia, MO – June 20, 2017 –The Law Office of Rick Koenig specializes in worker’s compensation cases. The firm represents workers from all kinds of employment locations and provides legal representation to make sure they are not taken advantage of, either by their work or by the worker’s compensation insurance provider. Receiving adequate financial assistance after a work injury is important yet often is not provided by the insurance company, which is why the Law Office of Rick Koening always recommends signing on with an attorney before proceeding or signing any documentation offered by both work and the insurance provider.

During a worker’s compensation case, it is in the best interest of the insurance company to not give you all of the money you need for the injury. They may attempt to offer a smaller value than what the  current medical bills cost. They also might try to completely avoid paying any kind of money towards the injury or towards missing work, even though that is what worker’s compensation is for. It is why the Law Office of Rick Koening highly recommends never signing anything the insurance company representatives offer until an attorney can look it over.

Employees go to work and put in their very best, so in the event of an injury they need to be well taken care of. However, as the Low Office of Rick Koening points out, this often is not the case and it is why it is important for anyone who has gone through with such an injury should bring in legal assistance to stand in their corner and fight for what they deserve and for what is right. Workers compensation attorney Rick Koening knows the workers did not ask to be injured. They were injured doing their job. The worker’s compensation insurance company needs to do its job and provide the right level of financial compensation for it.

Contact Information:

Law Office Of Rick Koenig

600 South Ohio Street

Sedalia MO 65301

(660) 827-3366

(660) 826-4156

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Determining Who’s At Fault In An Industrial Accident with an Accident Attorney in Sedalia MO

If you or a loved one work in an industrial facility, then you need to know how to determine who is at fault when an accident occurs. Unfortunately, people get hurt in these places all the time.
The injured party can file a claim to get recompense. They might be unable to work for a time. Lost wages are a definite possibility. Add to that the mountain of medical bills and you have a recipe for financial disaster. The victim could very well wind up in serious debt, perhaps bankruptcy.
To avoid these problems after an industrial accident, you need to know what to do. Following are some ways to determine who is at fault. You should also consult with an accident attorney in Sedalia MO to plan an appropriate legal strategy to bring the negligent party to justice.
Negligence of the Other Party
The most important consideration in any industrial accident claim is negligence. The state has a concrete definition of the term. A local accident attorney in Sedalia MO can help you link the case facts to all the required elements of negligence.
In general, the accused must have had a prior duty to protect the victim from injury. Furthermore, the injuries must have been directly caused by the action or inaction of this defendant. A factory that failed to implement required safety measures is a common example of an entity that has failed in its existing duty to protect.
An experienced accident attorney in Sedalia MO can provide further details on all the current elements of legal negligence and how the courts interpret them in industrial accident cases.
Your Comparative Negligence
Things get even more difficult in Missouri because the courts also recognize comparative negligence. Victims who played any role in causing their accidents have that degree of fault subtracted from any financial awards.
If you are hurt in an industrial accident, the judge will consider just how much you were responsible for your own injuries and reduce your compensatory damage amount appropriately.
Contact an Attorney Today
As you can see, these cases can be quite complex. You should never forget that the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.
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Knowing Your Rights When Wrongful Death Occurs with a Personal Injury Attorney in Sedalia MO in Sedalia MO

It is very important that you know your rights when a wrongful death has occurred. The failure to take appropriate action can mean going without the justice your deceased love one deserves.
You should speak with a personal injury attorney in Sedalia MO as soon as possible to start planning an appropriate legal strategy. The other side, whether a physician, nurse, medical facility, pharmaceutical company, etc., will have a talented attorney paid for by their insurance. You will need someone just as experienced to help you beat this opposition.
Wrongful Death is About You
Never make the mistake and think that a wrongful death claim is only about the pain caused to the deceased. A wrongful death claim is about your loss. The courts will assess the damage done to you.
A personal injury attorney in Sedalia MO can assess just how the death has caused you to suffer. For example, you might be able to receive a compensatory financial award for money spent caring for the victim.
The courts will also consider how the death might cause a loss of expected future income. Quite often, the death of a relative means the family has to forgo a certain lifestyle. You do not have to miss out on the opportunity to live well. Instead, the defendant who caused the death should pay to make up for this negative impact on your livelihood.
Proving Negligence
Though you have the right to file a claim for wrongful death, to win, your personal injury attorney in Sedalia MO has to prove negligence. This burden can be tough to meet.
First, the defendant must have had a duty to protect your relative. This is why many wrong wrongful death claims involve professional personnel, such as health care providers. Furthermore, the death must be directly linked to the actions of this person.
Your attorney will help you link the case facts to these and all the other necessary elements of legal negligence.
Contact an Experienced Attorney
Trying to prove wrongful death is not as easy as some would lead you to believe. For this reason, you must always remember that the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.
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What Constitutes A Workers’ Comp Case from a Workers Compensation Attorney in Sedalia Mo

In many instances, workers’ compensation is rather straight forward. Something at work directly injured you on the spot. You were performing your job as normal yet, you were still injured. Others saw the incident and you reported it to the supervisor as you went to the hospital or doctor’s office. These worker’s compensation cases typically do not require much in the way of legal assistance, unless the insurance provider’s doctor is attempting to prevent you from collecting, in which case legal assistance is needed.
However, there are other times where an illness or injury is caused by the job, but as it is a slowly developing issue, it doesn’t have a sudden tent pole moment where everyone saw the injury. During these situations, you need assistance from a local workers’ compensation attorney in Sedalia Mo in order to determine whether your injury constitutes a workers’ comp case and also, how to go about ensuring that you receive the medical benefits and financial payments you deserve.
Workers’ Compensation is Tricky
The cut and dry situations regarding an injury while at work makes it easier to collect the money from worker’s compensation. However, there are often gray areas where the company’s workers’ comp insurance provider may try to skate around the situation.
You may be out to lunch and injure yourself. If you weren’t on company property, workers’ comp likely won’t cover you, unless you were buying something for your manager or boss; in which case you are doing company work and workers’ comp should cover it. Injuries at company events or from overextending oneself, such as a back injury from lifting packages, should be covered.
Whether you are attempting to determine whether an illness or injury is work related or your work or workers’ comp insurance provider is holding back on your much needed financial payments, it is important to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney in Sedalia Mo so that you get the proper defense and representation you rightfully deserve.
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The Law Office of Rick Koenig in Sedalia MO Will Fight For Proper Workers’ Compensation In Your Case 


Workers Can Hire Top Legal Talent to Get Compensation Benefits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sedalia, MO – May 29, 2017 – Anyone who has been involved in a workers’ compensation case knows how complex they can be. Employers, state agencies and you are all involved Nobody seems to be willing to let you walk away with the money you need to take care of your family, pay bills and survive each day. Instead, management, administrators and bureaucrats can be determined to keep you broke. Now, things have gotten better for workers in need of compensation benefits.

Legal Help for Working People

The Law Office of Rick Koenig in Sedalia MO has taken a stand against those who hold power over hardworking people in need of their rightful benefits.

Workers who need their checks should contact this law firm for a free consultation. Koenig will analyze their situation and began planning a strategy to force the other side to settle. If need be, this experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Sedalia MO is ready to battle in administrative hearings and courtrooms. He does not stop fighting until there is no further recourse. This is the kind of tenacious legal representation the average worker needs on their side.

Rick Koenig wants anyone who has been denied a claim or needs to file for the first time to get in touch. Taking action fast is of the utmost importance. Quite often, the labor laws place time limits on claims.

About Rick Koenig

This attorney has over 30 years of practice. He knows the dangers people face trying to deal with a compensation claim alone. Any small mistake can result in a denial. Some workers spend years trying to get their cases heard. The better course of action is to call the Law Office of Rick Koenig at (660) 827- 3366.

Before retaining a workers’ compensation attorney in Sedalia MO, always remember that the choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.

Contact Information:
Law Office Of Rick Koenig
600 South Ohio Street
Sedalia MO 65301
(660) 827-3366
(660) 826-4156

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